Life at Aurumm Residency

Aurumm Residency is an antagonist concept that amalgamates the shining of the day and the new beginning of a dignified life. The word Aurum is a Latin word that means shining dawn—an antithesis with ornate masquerade. Aurumm amalgamates the desires of luxury, prestige, prosperity, elegance, sophistication, to provide a golden abode for the golden years.

We know that seniors have toiled and drudged under the sun, but they missed out on the pleasures of early morning sunshine. Aurumm gives an opportunity to the seniors to appreciate the welcoming rays of the golden sun, which they may have missed out during their past hectic lives. Unlike the conventional senior homes that provide accommodation and forget the seniors; Aurumm cares and epitomizes the essence of meaningful living.

In India, retirement is considered to be a blockade and a blot that marks the beginning of sadness and boredom, but at Aurumm retirement is the beginning of a new life – a life that is filled with optimism and positivity. Retirement generally conjures up images of house in clubs and rocking chairs, but at Aurumm Residency life is different because elders get retired from work, not life. Here at Aurumm our elders can participate in fun filled activities, adventures, exercises, get-togethers, prayer sessions, etc. In conventional parlance, retirement brings in inhibitions that curtain the pleasures of life. At Aurumm, there are absolutely no inhibitions and no barriers that will curb the aspirations of the senior people.

Aurumm Residency is located in Shankeshwar, which is just 110 kilometres from Ahmedabad. Being at close proximity to the Lord Parshwanath temple, devotees can easily walk their way to find peace, tranquility and spirituality. The accommodation and facilities at Aurumm are on par with luxurious 5 star hotels and conform to international standards in terms of design.

At Aurumm Residency, seniors can create a completely new lifestyle of their own since they can do what they want, whenever they want—we will leave no stone unturned.